Maxi Van

This van is effective for a group of many people traveling together. It can handle up to 11 people easily in the van. This makes it a special choice for the people traveling for concerts, picnics, school events, or official trips. This van is fully air-conditioned along with basic amenities i.e. LED television, recliner chair, first-add box etc. This van can be used for transferring very big-size luggage along the passenger which is not adjustable in other cabs. There is a provision for a sliding wheelchair in the van.  You have to just select the date and time of your voyage at the time of booking and then just sit and relax till our chauffeur reaches you there in no time. Our Maxi Van has the following specialized feature:

  • Perfect choice for the large number of people or hefty luggage.
  • Good for ferrying school children.
  • The assistance of trained driver.
  • Give comfort and relaxing amenities during long travel time in group.
  • Economic service


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